Anchovy Fish Curry/நெத்திலி மீன் குழம்பு

Anchovies are one of the most common fishes we get in our hometown. Many people like the taste of this fish curry. Anchovies have small bones in the middle, which can be easily removed while eating, in the small size fishes, you don’t even need to remove them. I bought these anchovies from a nearbyContinue reading “Anchovy Fish Curry/நெத்திலி மீன் குழம்பு”

Find Happiness in Raising Butterflies

I am so exited to share that I have been growing monarch butterflies. I am a beginner and still learning a lot. I’d never thought of growing butterflies, but this spring, one of my friends visited our house and introduced me to the idea. Whenever she visits, we always walk around our garden looking atContinue reading “Find Happiness in Raising Butterflies”

Knitted Pumpkins

This knitted pumpkin is more simple than it looks. For those with any knitting experience, this project can be done pretty quickly. Plus, it looks so cute! It’s a perfect decoration for Fall and the upcoming Thanksgiving season. I found this pattern on Ravelry – you can find it here. Last Fall I made threeContinue reading “Knitted Pumpkins”

Mushroom Sandwich

This sandwich is a quick and easy fix meal when you’re craving for a hot meal. You can make the mushroom filling ahead of time, and simply assemble it all in a sandwich maker within minutes. You will need Bread ————- 4 slices Ranch dressing Mushroom filling Ingredients to make mushroom filling Mushroom ———————- 400Continue reading “Mushroom Sandwich”

Purple And Blue Shade Flowers From Our Garden 2019

These are the purple and blue shade flowers from our garden. Most of them are perennials. One of my favorite perennial is royal candle plant, because it will bloom from late spring to fall.