Mambazha Pulissery / Ripe Mango Curry

This is one of the traditional dishes from Kerala, a southern state in India. It is absolutely delicious and colorful curry, goes well with rice. In our home, it is everyone’s favorite, so I make it often. This dish is made with a combination of ripe mango and yogurt. In India, they usually make itContinue reading “Mambazha Pulissery / Ripe Mango Curry”

Spiced Buttermilk

Most of you know how good is it to drink buttermilk and its health benefits. But have you ever tasted the spiced buttermilk? If not, try this, surely you will like it. Ingredients Yogurt —————————— 1 cup Water ——————————- 1 cup Green chilies ——————- 2 Ginger ——————————- a small piece Curry leaves ——————— 2 springsContinue reading “Spiced Buttermilk”

Kadai Mushroom

This is a very delicious side dish for chapati/roti. If you like mushroom you will definitely like this dish. This is a very colorful and flavorful recipe, when you get time give it a try. Ingrdeients Mushroom ———————————- 500 gm (sliced) Onion ——————————————- 1 1/2 Tomato —————————————- 4 (diced) Red and green bell pepper ———Continue reading “Kadai Mushroom”

Pavbhaji Masala

This is a famous street food in India. People make this in different ways. In our home, I make it in the following way. It is a very handy snack when you feel hungry and a tasty filling to your stomach too. Ingredients Carrot —————————————— 1 Green peas ——————————— 1/4 cup Beans —————————————— 1/4 cupContinue reading “Pavbhaji Masala”