Our Rose Garden 2020 (Video)

Here is our rose garden! The pictures were taken from the end of May to July. Roses always bring me great joy. I enjoy taking lots of pictures in front of them. Some of the roses will bloom until Fall. So far we are really enjoying the roses, even though the Japanese beetles have beenContinue reading “Our Rose Garden 2020 (Video)”

Purslane Dal (Indian Lentil) Curry

Purslane is known as one of the healthiest edible plants. It has red stems, fleshy green leaves and bright yellow flowers. You can look around the yard and it may look like a weed. It is a succulent plant, that has been considered both a useless weed and a powerful medicinal plant at different times throughoutContinue reading “Purslane Dal (Indian Lentil) Curry”

Kuzhi Paniyaaram

This is a well known dish in southern India. Most people make this on special occasions, as it is a great party food. Some people make this dish as an evening snack too. In our home we usually make it along with idly or dosa. All the three breakfast dishes (idly, dosa, and kuzhi paniyaraam)Continue reading “Kuzhi Paniyaaram”