Our Backyard Squirrels 2020 (Videos)

I always watch these squirrels from our kitchen window. It gives me lots of pleasure and I never get bored! I highly recommend you to watch the videos, it’ll brighten your whole day and immediately make you feel light.This year we bought two new bird feeders for our backyard, but the squirrels are the onesContinue reading “Our Backyard Squirrels 2020 (Videos)”

Okra Stir Fry

A tasty okra dish. Some people don’t like okra, including one of my daughters; she particularly doesn’t like the slimy texture. My other daughter likes okra and she will eat any okra dish. We always grow okra in our vegetable garden. This is tasty, healthy and non-slimy recipe, you should definitely try it! Ingredients OkraContinue reading “Okra Stir Fry”

2020 Garden Flowers Part 2 (video)

Here are the pictures taken from June to July. This is the best flowering time in our garden. Mainly the hydrangea, liatris and phlox bloom in full, so the garden look so beautiful and colorful during this time. I enjoyed taking all these pictures. Hope you will also enjoy! The part one is here.

Sharing The Happiness Of My New Mask

Recently one of my daughters made a mask for me, maybe you all think, what is special in it? But it is so special for me and she did a nice embroidery on it too. While she was making the mask, she asked me, what kind of design you want on that mask? I said,Continue reading “Sharing The Happiness Of My New Mask”

2020 Garden Flowers Part 1(Video)

Everyone like flowers; I especially love taking pictures from bud to bloom. We have lots of perennial plants and they bloom at different times throughout the season. Some bloom in April and some will be blooming in September. So throughout the summer, I take lots of pictures of my garden and it gives me aContinue reading “2020 Garden Flowers Part 1(Video)”

Snake Gourd Stir-fry (Pudalankai Poriyal)

Snake Gourd is a common vegetable used in south Indian cooking. We make different kinds of dishes from it. This is a simple and tasty recipe from our hometown, we usually eat this as side dish for rice. Adding egg and grated coconut gives more taste to this dish. I have already posted another recipeContinue reading “Snake Gourd Stir-fry (Pudalankai Poriyal)”