2020 Garden Flowers Part 3 (video)

Here are the pictures taken from September and October; in this season, the sweet autumn clematis is in full bloom and the whole area becomes a great spot for photoshoot. Asters, zinnias and sunflowers make the garden so colorful. Here is a picture of one of my daughters posing in front of autumn clematis wearingContinue reading “2020 Garden Flowers Part 3 (video)”

Cluster Beans (Kothavarangai) Usili

Cluster beans are very common in our hometown, we usually add this beans while making sambar or aviyal. But in Chennai, people make a different dish with cluster beans and it is called kothavarangai usili, a tasty side dish for rice. Also it is a well known recipe for Tamil people, but making this takesContinue reading “Cluster Beans (Kothavarangai) Usili”

Alternate Way Of Storing Parupu Usili Idlies

Sometime ago I posted the recipe of making and storing the paruppu usili idlies. That is working fine, but I found a much better way, which can be used easily. How To Store First make the parupu usili idlies Once they are cooled down, crumble with hands Now store it in a container and keepContinue reading “Alternate Way Of Storing Parupu Usili Idlies”

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

I was so excited when I saw him first. I haven’t seen a ruby throated hummingbird before. He is a new visitor to our garden and the feeder. Initially he was kind of wild, he won’t sit on the branches, just quickly drink and fly away. Then after few days he started sitting in theContinue reading “Ruby-Throated Hummingbird”

Drumstick And Okra Curry (Theeyal)

A very tasty dish form our hometown. Amma used to make this curry often and we usually eat with hot rice. Dry roasted coconut paste gives a great flavor to this curry. Ingredients Drumstick ——————— about 20 split pieces Okra ——————————- about a cup (cut it into 1″ length) Red onion ———————- 1/2 (chopped) TamarindContinue reading “Drumstick And Okra Curry (Theeyal)”