Cauliflower and Carrot Kootu

This is a very colorful and tasty side dish for rice. Also very simple to make. Ingredients Chopped cauliflower ——– about a cup Chopped carrot —————- about a cup Split moong dal —————- 1/2 cup Indian chili powder ———- 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder ————– 1/4 tsp Salt to taste To make a coconut paste GratedContinue reading “Cauliflower and Carrot Kootu”

Tapioca With Coconut Seasoning

This is a simply satisfying dish and it is flavored with spices and garnished with grated coconut. One of my all time favorite to eat, most of the time I will have the frozen tapioca in our freezer, so whenever I want to eat, I can cook it fast and eat this way. Ingredients CookedContinue reading “Tapioca With Coconut Seasoning”

Pullover Sweater

I recently made this sweater for my younger daughter. It really took a long time for me to finish, because I ran out of yarn and couldn’t find the same color for a while. But I learned couple of lessons from this project. First thing, I made a little mistake in the beginning, but feltContinue reading “Pullover Sweater”

Cable Head Warmer

This week, my eldest daughter asked me to make her a warm head band for the winter time. I started searching online for cable head warmer or head band patterns. I found this pattern that I liked, so I decided to make it for her. She asked for the headband in a dark grey color,Continue reading “Cable Head Warmer”

Potato Stew

This is a tasty potato stew. Amma often make this when we were little and it was one of my favorites at that time. Amma adds a lot of fresh coconut milk to this and it was absolutely delicious. In this recipe, I used frozen coconut milk cubes for convenience, but you can use freshContinue reading “Potato Stew”