Broccoli And Moong Dal Stir-Fry

Broccoli is a great vegetable to prepare side dishes with dals. So, when I cook broccoli, I try with different kinds of dals to explore the different tastes. I often make this broccoli and moong dal stir-fry as side dish for rice. It is very simple to make and tasty too. Ingredients Broccoli —————————— 1Continue reading “Broccoli And Moong Dal Stir-Fry”

How To Attract Yellow Birds In Backyard

American Goldfinches are regular visitors to our garden in late summers. We have a lot of sunflower plants around our garden and the yellow birds really enjoy eating the fresh seeds. The male one is bright yellow in color and the female one is in light yellow. sometimes they visit as family. The mom feedingContinue reading “How To Attract Yellow Birds In Backyard”

Instant Amla Pickle

Amla is known as one of the healthiest fruits. It is also called as Indian gooseberry. It has a lot of health benefits, consuming it regularly in any form is good for you. Amla has been widely used in ayurvedic medicines as well. It is freshly available in India, but here in US, we mostlyContinue reading “Instant Amla Pickle”

Moringa/Drumstick Leaves Stir-Fry

This is a healthy and tasty side dish for rice, prepared from fresh moringa leaves. Moringa has been used for many centuries for it’s medicinal values and health benefits. It is packed with multiple vitamins and minerals. It also has antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Moringa is a commonly seen tree in our hometown. YouContinue reading “Moringa/Drumstick Leaves Stir-Fry”


This is a very popular sweet snack in Kerala. Amma used to make it often at home, usually she makes it using freshly ground rice flour, but this recipe is using whole wheat flour. They taste differently, but both are really good. I will share the rice flour recipe another time. Ingredients Whole wheat flourContinue reading “Unniyappam”