Our Flowers: Blazing Star/Liatris

This is one of my favorite plants in our garden. Liatris is a summer-blooming perennial with grassy foliage and fuzzy, bottle-brush flowers. Commonly known as blazing star or gayfeather. This North American wildflower makes an attractive addition to flower gardens, landscaped areas and informal plantings. The distinctive flower spikes stand 2 to 4 feet tallContinue reading “Our Flowers: Blazing Star/Liatris”

Home Made Plant Pesticide

This is the plant pesticide that I am using for all my plants. We have a lot of plants around our house and also have a lot of indoor plants. Here is my indoor plant collection. Often the plants are affected by many bugs and other insects. We usually don’t like to apply the chemicalContinue reading “Home Made Plant Pesticide”

Banana Fritters/Vazhakkappam

This is one of the popular evening snacks in our hometown. It can be found everywhere from small to big restaurants, canteens, tea shops and so forth. We used to eat a lot when we were growing up. Here in Minnesota, I make it occasionally at home and my daughters also like it. Ingredients RipeContinue reading “Banana Fritters/Vazhakkappam”

Our Flowers: Verbascum/Mullein Plants

I have been thinking of posting about the perennial plants in our garden for a while. Here is the first one from the list. I will be posting other plants in the upcoming posts. If you live in Minnesota and you are a beginner to gardening, these posts may be helpful to determine which plantsContinue reading “Our Flowers: Verbascum/Mullein Plants”

Mudakathan Keerai Rasam

Mudakathan Keerai (leaves) has wide range of health benefits. This plant is also called as balloon vine plant. Mudakathan keerai has strong anti-inflammatory properties and it is a well known medicine for arthritis. It is easily available in our hometown, Thengapattanam in India. Usually the leaves and tender stems of the plant are used toContinue reading “Mudakathan Keerai Rasam”