How To Make A Easy Scrubby

Making your own scrubby is very satisfying. Here are the instructions to knit your own scrubbies. These knitted scrubbies work amazingly! I think if you try this, you will definitely like it. I love using this scrubby so much. They are much better than the store bought ones! Knitting this scrubby is so easy, evenContinue reading “How To Make A Easy Scrubby”

How to Raise Monarchs At Home

In recent years, Monarch butterfly populations have been on the decline. This is a result of habitat loss due to pesticide use and deforestation, parasites crippling populations, and life cycle changes due to climate change. You can help keep these beloved pollinators safe and happy by rearing butterflies in a safe area free of predators,Continue reading “How to Raise Monarchs At Home”

Our Flowers: Purple Coneflowers

Echinacea puerperia are commonly referred to as purple coneflowers. They are one of the most easy-growing native plants in our garden. It attracts bees, butterflies and golden finches. It is a great pollinator plant; if you would like to attract bees to your garden I highly recommend planting this. Just be sure to plant itContinue reading “Our Flowers: Purple Coneflowers”