How Do I Store My Dahlia Bulbs?

Dahlia’s are one of my favorite flowers, they always give a great look to any type of garden. Another good thing about the dahlia is, it will start blooming in early summer and there will be flowers until frost. Bees, butterflies and humming birds; all of them like this beautiful flower. Every year I add some new variety or different color dahlia to our garden.

How do I store the bulbs in winter

We usually plant the dahlias in pots and at the end of the season, we take the bulbs out from the pot and store them for the next season. Once we dig out the bulbs from the pots, keep them out in room temperature for a week and put them in large cardboard boxes with layers of rabbit beddings in between. The rabbit bedding pellets are available in most of the garden stores, we usually buy it from Menards. We keep the boxes in our basement until spring. Few times in between I check them to see if any of the bulbs are getting rotten and throw the rotten ones away. Below are my dahlia bulbs from last year, they are doing ok, most of them have new shoots and some of them got shrunken, but they will start growing once planted, so don’t throw them away.

How to revive the shrunken bulbs

I usually soak the bulbs in water for few hours and plant them in the soil, mostly they will come back as healthy plants.

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