Preening Time For Hummingbird (Video)

During summertime, on sunny days, you can find the hummingbirds sitting on the tree branches and doing it’s preening. Normally they fly away as soon as it notices someone around. Last summer I could able to capture a whole-body preening session, it was totally fun to watch. I hope you will also enjoy. Here IsContinue reading “Preening Time For Hummingbird (Video)”

Cardinals – Our Everyday Visitors (Video)

Cardinals are known as the beautiful birds and they visit our backyard everyday. They come and sit in a tree near the birdfeeders and it is so beautiful to watch. I always enjoy watching them through my kitchen window. Sometimes I have seen eight of them at a time, but they fight over territory andContinue reading “Cardinals – Our Everyday Visitors (Video)”

How To Attract Yellow Birds In Backyard

American Goldfinches are regular visitors to our garden in late summers. We have a lot of sunflower plants around our garden and the yellow birds really enjoy eating the fresh seeds. The male one is bright yellow in color and the female one is in light yellow. sometimes they visit as family. The mom feedingContinue reading “How To Attract Yellow Birds In Backyard”

Blue Jay’s Visits In Our Garden (Video)

Blue Jay’s come to our backyard bird feeder most of the days for the last few years. This summer, something special happened! The blue jays made a nest in one of our backyard trees. We were so excited and kept watching them every day, they were making a beautiful nest on top of a smallContinue reading “Blue Jay’s Visits In Our Garden (Video)”

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

I was so excited when I saw him first. I haven’t seen a ruby throated hummingbird before. He is a new visitor to our garden and the feeder. Initially he was kind of wild, he won’t sit on the branches, just quickly drink and fly away. Then after few days he started sitting in theContinue reading “Ruby-Throated Hummingbird”

How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Garden (Video)

Hummingbirds are one of my all time favorite little birds to watch. Every year they visit our garden in the early spring and stay until early Autumn. During those months, I spend a lot of time sitting in our sunroom watching the little birds flit between flowers. No matter what else I have happening aroundContinue reading “How To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Garden (Video)”

Our Backyard Squirrels 2020 (Videos)

I always watch these squirrels from our kitchen window. It gives me lots of pleasure and I never get bored! I highly recommend you to watch the videos, it’ll brighten your whole day and immediately make you feel light.This year we bought two new bird feeders for our backyard, but the squirrels are the onesContinue reading “Our Backyard Squirrels 2020 (Videos)”

Chickadee Collecting Materials For Her Nest

Have you ever watched a bird collecting materials for her nest, if not, you should definitely watch this! While wandering in our yard, I saw this and captured the hard work of this bird. The bird was splitting the fiber from a thread wrapped around a trellis and holding them in it’s beak, but itContinue reading “Chickadee Collecting Materials For Her Nest”

Hummingbirds Visiting Our Garden ( Summer 2019)

I never get bored watching this little creature. Every year, hummingbirds visit our garden from the spring through the fall. I enjoy how fast the hummingbird flies, and how fast it drinks honey from honeysuckles, zinnias and other flowers. We have a little humming bird feeder by our three season porch. I like to watchContinue reading “Hummingbirds Visiting Our Garden ( Summer 2019)”