How To Make A Easy Scrubby

Making your own scrubby is very satisfying. Here are the instructions to knit your own scrubbies. These knitted scrubbies work amazingly! I think if you try this, you will definitely like it. I love using this scrubby so much. They are much better than the store bought ones! Knitting this scrubby is so easy, evenContinue reading “How To Make A Easy Scrubby”

Knitted Tea Coaster

I have been thinking about making this post for a long time and finally it happened: I am showing everyone basic knitting lesson in my native language, Tamil. This is a basic simple tea coaster for beginners to learn how to knit using continental method. It’s a great place to start because it only takesContinue reading “Knitted Tea Coaster”

Sweet Summer Shawl

This is a shawl that I recently knitted. The pattern name is “Sweet Summer Shawl” by Michelle Krause and I like the shawl so much. It is a beautiful pattern to knit and the written directions are easy to follow. I bought this pattern from “Love Crafts”. If anyone wants to try, here is theContinue reading “Sweet Summer Shawl”

Pullover Sweater

I recently made this sweater for my younger daughter. It really took a long time for me to finish, because I ran out of yarn and couldn’t find the same color for a while. But I learned couple of lessons from this project. First thing, I made a little mistake in the beginning, but feltContinue reading “Pullover Sweater”

Cable Head Warmer

This week, my eldest daughter asked me to make her a warm head band for the winter time. I started searching online for cable head warmer or head band patterns. I found this pattern that I liked, so I decided to make it for her. She asked for the headband in a dark grey color,Continue reading “Cable Head Warmer”

Cable Toque Hat

I was looking for a cable hat pattern and found this from Ravelry. This is another easy hat pattern to knit. If anyone wants to try a cable hat for first time, this will be the best option and it looks cute too. I just followed the instructions in the pattern, except using a differentContinue reading “Cable Toque Hat”