Little Summer Shawl

Here is another knitted shawl that I recently completed. I really liked the pattern and the pattern instructions are very easy to follow. I bought the pattern from here. I used three skeins of red heart Unforgettable yarn to make this shawl, but you may able to finish it in two skeins of yarn. IContinue reading “Little Summer Shawl”

Knitted Christmas Ornament- Sweater

I was looking for some knitted Christmas ornament patterns to decorate our Christmas tree. After long searching, I found some cute patterns on ravelry, here are the sweaters I made, they are so cute and very easy to make. If someone wants to try this pattern, here is the link. I made few different ornaments,Continue reading “Knitted Christmas Ornament- Sweater”

How To Make A Easy Scrubby

Making your own scrubby is very satisfying. Here are the instructions to knit your own scrubbies. These knitted scrubbies work amazingly! I think if you try this, you will definitely like it. I love using this scrubby so much. They are much better than the store bought ones! Knitting this scrubby is so easy, evenContinue reading “How To Make A Easy Scrubby”