How to Raise Monarchs

In recent years, Monarch butterfly populations have been on the decline. This is a result of habitat loss due to pesticide use and deforestation, parasites crippling populations, and life cycle changes due to climate change. You can help keep these beloved pollinators safe and happy by rearing butterflies in a safe area free of predators,Continue reading “How to Raise Monarchs”

Home Made Plant Pesticide

This is the plant pesticide that I am using for all my plants. We have a lot of plants around our house and also have a lot of indoor plants. Here is my indoor plant collection. Often the plants are affected by many bugs and other insects. We usually don’t like to apply the chemicalContinue reading “Home Made Plant Pesticide”

DIY Moisturizer

This is a homemade moisturizer made with simple ingredients and using common kitchenware. Some of my friends wanted to know how I make it, so I am posting this to share the ingredients and steps for making the moisturizer. Making moisturizer is a easy process, but it takes a bit of time; for me, itContinue reading “DIY Moisturizer”

Sharing The Happiness Of My New Mask

Recently one of my daughters made a mask for me, maybe you all think, what is special in it? But it is so special for me and she did a nice embroidery on it too. While she was making the mask, she asked me, what kind of design you want on that mask? I said,Continue reading “Sharing The Happiness Of My New Mask”