Storing coconut milk

In many of my cooking, I use coconut milk. I am little hesitant to buy the packaged coconut milk as many of them contain preservatives. Also making fresh coconut milk each time will be time consuming, so I generally make it ahead of time and freeze it for future use. Here is how I do it.


  • Fresh grated coconut —— 1 cup
  • Luke warm water ————- 1 1/2 cup

How to make

  • Grind the grated coconut and water in a mixer/blender for few minutes
  • Filter the coconut milk using a filter
  • Pour the coconut milk into ice cube trays
  • Keep it in the freezer to freeze
  • Once it is frozen, take the coconut milk cubes and put them into freezer bags
  • Store them in the freezer
  • While cooking, if you need to add coconut milk, you can add the coconut milk cubes
  • It will taste like fresh coconut milk
  • This can be stored in the freezer for many weeks


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