Yellow Tiilda hat

I found this Tiilda hat pattern in the Ravelry website. I used a different yarn to make the hat, so I had to make few changes to the number of casts on stitches. Below is the link to the site.

Our daughters love to wear the hats I make. It is a great blessing for me and gives me the encouragement to make more. I also made a yellow mitten to match this hat. I will share a mitten making project, when I make another mitten.

I used the Lion brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn to make this hat.

Below are changes.

  • Did cast on 60 stitches in a circular needle of size 10 1/2 (6 mm)
  • Did knit 1. purl 1. ribbing for 10 rounds
  • Changed to circular needle of size US 11 (8 mm) needles
  • Increased the stitches to 75, by repeating *knit 4. *make 1 left for 15 times and followed the pattern from the link.
  • After completing the main body, changed the needle size to DPN US 10 1/2 (6 mm) and followed the pattern with the following number of stitches
    • Round 1: 50 stitches
    • Round 2: 45 stitches
    • Round 3: 45 stitches
    • Round 4: 40 stitches
    • Round 5: 25 stitches
    • Round 6: 15 stitches
    • Round 7: knit 2 together to the end of the round and last stitch knit 1

Added a pom-pom on the top and below is the finished hat.

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