Sesame laddu/ Ellu urundai /எள்ளுருண்டை

Sesame seeds are one of the healthiest nuts in the world. It contains excellent source of copper and a very good source of manganese and a good source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, vitamin B1, selenium  and dietary fiber.

From this healthy nut we make lots of dishes. Ellu urundai is one of my favorite sweets. With two or three ingredients you can make this healthy guilt free sweet.


  • Black sesame seeds ————————– 1/3 cup
  • Palm sugar or Solid date sugar——— 1/3 cup (crushed)
  • Cardamom —————————————— 2 (optional)

How to make

  • Slightly grind the sesame seeds and cardamom using a mixer/blender
  • Add the crushed palm sugar to it and grind it into a fine mixture
  • Make small balls form the ground mixture
  • From this quantity you will get around 10 laddus (ellu urundai)

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