Mittens two at a time

This is the easiest pattern given to me by one of my friends, Kris. She found the pattern online – find the blog here Last Christmas, we knit these mittens for both of our daughters. Even though the pattern is in DPN (double pointed needle), we did it on a magic loop and two at a time. Here are the pictures of the pair of mittens I made recently for one of my friend’s daughter’s birthday. If you want to make a quick gift, this pattern is perfect.

Once I learned magic loop, there was no turning back. Using DPN, you can only make one mitten at a time. However, through magic loop, you can make both at the same time and it is very convenient. It’s much easier to complete projects. Also, I’ve found that using magic loops keeps items like socks and mittens at the same length, unlike DPN.

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  1. […] I was looking for a cable hat pattern and found this from Ravelry. This is another easy hat pattern to knit. If anyone wants to try a cable hat for first time, this will be the best option and it looks cute too. I just followed the instructions in the pattern, except using a different color yarn. I was making this hat for one of my friend’s daughter, so I made matching mittens too. Here is the pattern link. I used two skeins of lion brand wool ease thick & quick yarn and I used circular needle.If anyone wants to make the mittens, here is the link to my blog post. […]


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