This is a simple recipe to make murukku, but very tasty and crispy. One of my favorite tea time snacks. It is made with rice batter and besan flour. I often make it while making idly batter, so that I don’t have to clean the grinder twice.


  • Boiled rice or Idly rice —————- 2 cups
  • Besan/chickpea flour —————– 1 1/4 cup
  • Garlic cloves ——————————– 3
  • Dry chilies ———————————— 4
  • Coconut milk ——————————- 1/4 cup
  • Cooking oil for mixing —————- 4 tbsp
  • Cooking oil for deep frying (quantity depending on pan size)

How to make

  • Soak the rice and chilies for 3 hours
  • Grind the soaked rice into a fine batter using a grinder or mixer
  • While grinding add the coconut milk
  • The batter should be thick, so use minimum amount of water needed for grinding
  • Grind the soaked dry chilies and garlic pods using a mixer/blender with little bit of water
  • Grind it into a fine paste
  • Add the paste into the rice batter
  • Add the besan flour and salt
  • Mix them well to make a smooth dough (you may need more basen flour depending on how much watery is the rice batter)
  • In a small pan heat 4 table spoons of oil to make it very hot
  • Pour the hot oil into the murukku dough and knead it well
  • Now take the murukku press and attach the three hole disc in it.
  • Fill it with the dough
  • Place a iron kadai in medium heat and add enough oil to fry
  • Directly press the murukkru into the oil
  • Fry it until the bubble stops
  • When it is half cooked, turn it over to make it cook evenly on both sides
  • Once it is ready, take it out and keep it in a tissue towel
  • After it cools down, store it in a airtight container
  • It will stay fresh for many weeks

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