Knitted Teddy Bear

I knit this teddy bear over the course of three days and am happy to say that I am fully satisfied with the outcome!

This creation idea started with the yarn I saw at Micheals a week or so ago, I saw this extremely cozy yarn and considered buying it. I ended up refraining from the purchase, because I didn’t have any ideas on what to make with it at that time, but the yarn stuck with me. As I was washing the dishes a few days later, I recalled a teddy bear I had knit from scrap yarn a few years ago. The teddy bear had come out okay, but was missing a certain something. I suddenly got the idea to make a teddy bear using that delightfully fuzzy yarn I had seen at Micheals. So the next day, I asked my daughter to drop by Micheal’s to pick up the soft brown yarn that I then used to create this teddy bear.

The pattern instructions were very easy to follow. I used 6.5 mm (US 10 1/2 ) circular needle and used the magic loop method for the teddy bear. The shirt is knitted from some spare yarn I already had at home. The eyes were black buttons, the nose was an animal nose I found in my craft collection, and the mouth was embroidered on. The final step was the stuffing which I did all at the end despite the pattern’s instruction to stuff each limb at a time, which I found made knitting the rest of the body more difficult and therefore chose to skip. I found this pattern free online, if any of you would like to try it out, here is the link.

I am planning to make more teddy shirts in different colors and different yarn types. It would be cute to change his clothes with the seasons!

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