Mini glass bowl fairy garden

One of my favorite hobbies is creating fairy gardens. It is so much fun to watch a little plant environment grown in the mini world you’ve built. In summer I make an assorted variety of mini fairy gardens in my backyard, but since there are few more weeks before summer come in full blast, I will show you the terrariums that I create indoors.

The fairy garden I show here is very simple, you can make in matter of minutes, but you can always make larger, more intricate gardens. You can also add whatever details you like best. For instance, I really like fences, so most of my fairy gardens have fences. I usually buy the bowls from Micheals or even the Dollar Store. You can use Mason jars, too.

SUPPLIES: I bought the bowl and fairy from Micheals, the chicks from Hobby Lobby, the rocks from the Dollar Store and the plant from Lowes.

  • Fill the bowl with soil until 1/3 of the container is full
  • Add the plants (I usually use a slow growing plant so they don’t grow out of the container too fast! In outdoor fairy gardens I can use a larger variety of plants because there is more room)
  • Decorate around the plant!

MAINTENANCE: The good thing about terrarium fairy gardens is that you can move them anywhere around the house depending on how much sunlight they need. Most gardens just need little bit sunlight (depending on the plant you use) and can just be watered once weekly. Since the plants have very little soil on the bottom, be careful to only put in a little bit of water (or even use a spray bottle instead) so the bowl doesn’t flood and give the plant root rot.

These are other terrariums I have scattered around my house. It is a fun way to incorporate all the figurines I’ve collected over the years with my love of gardening!

Here is the video of making this


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