Propagating Kalanchoe plant

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low maintenance house plant with bright flowers and pretty greenery. Kalanchoe plants bloom for a long time. The plant shown below started blooming last November and still it has flowers. This plant actually helps to purify indoor air too.

This plant needs more sun, so you can keep it on the window side, south facing window is ideal. Kalanchoe plants are super easy to propagate. After the flowering season, just break a piece of leafy stem from the plant and keep it in a container half filled with water.

In couple of weeks the roots will come, then you can plant it in a pot. You can also plant the stem directly in the soil, but it may take little more time to grow.

If your Kalanchoe is not blooming for a long time, try to re-bloom by keeping it in a dark place such as a cupboard or covering with a bigger pot for 14 to 15 hours every day. Do this for 3 to 4 weeks and hopefully you will see some blooms.

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