Squirrel In Our Backyard

I find a lot of happiness through nature. I see the beauty of the world every day from our backyard. If I’m in the kitchen and I happen to look outside, I’ll usually always see some birds, chipmunks or squirrels. There is one squirrel in particular that has become my favorite squirrel. He steals food (mostly sunflower seeds) from the bird feeder that hangs from a tree by our back porch. If the bird feeder is empty, the squirrel will sit in the tree and impatiently wait for me to refill it. I enjoy watching him and seeing his sneaky antics. He has a cute way of eating really fast. He also often takes food to store underground. Sometimes, he will dig and store the food in our vegetable garden. I keep noticing that some sunflowers and corns popping up when I had not planted them. I finally discovered that he was the one planting the corn kernels and sunflower seeds. But it does not bother me – I’ll just pluck them out when I see them.

Last year, we just had the bird feeder hanging from the tree. But, then I noticed a blue jay bird coming to eat the food, but finding it really hard to sit on the swinging feeder. So this year, my husband set up a little bridge for the blue jay, which makes the feeder more stable. But now, the squirrel is using the bridge way more than the blue jay. He sits there and enjoys eating the food, which was so cute!

He usually spills half of the food… And some days if the feeder is empty, he’ll try to eat the food that has fallen down, which is adorable. Below are some pictures of those cute moments:

Here are some videos of how fast he eats the food. He is a brave and clever squirrel, but he’s still a little scared of our cat, Leo. In the second video, you can notice that he will look down in between bites to check where Leo is before taking another bite.

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