Hair Oil

This is the best hair oil among the ones that I have used so far. If you have lots of hair falling out, you should try this! It prevents hair loss and supports hair growth. It has been giving me good results, and has made my hair stronger. I either apply it in small quantities to the dry hair, or use larger quantities as a hair mask for an.hour before showering.

I would suggest making a small amount and trying it first before making a large batch. If you find yourself getting a cold after using the oil, I would suggest you don’t use it.


  • Aloe Vera gel ————– from 3 small leaves (or 1 big leaf)
  • Castor oil ——————— 1/4 cup
  • Coconut oil —————– 1/4 cup

How to Make

  • Take an iron pan and mix aloe vera gel, castor oil and coconut oil (I collect the aloe vera gel in the iron pan itself)
  • Place the iron pan on medium heat
  • Stir it occasionally
  • The aloe vera gel will slowly change the color
  • Finally all the bubbles will go away
  • At this stage switch off the stove
  • Once it cools down, filter it and store in a glass bottle

How to use

  • Take a little oil in your hand and slightly massage with it on the hair
  • Keep it at least for 20 minutes before showering
  • You can keep it overnight too
  • Wash it with mild shampoo

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