Cold Remedy

This is a simple home remedy for light cold, fever and cough, but it is not a replacement for regular medicine. If you feel sick, please go to the doctor and take this in addition to your medicine from the doctor. Most of these things are from our kitchen, except betel leaves. But the Indian grocery stores always carry betel leaves. In our home I mostly make it without the betel leaves.


  • Whole pepper ——————- 2 tsp
  • Cumin seeds ——————— 2 tsp
  • Ginger powder —————– 2 tsp
  • Betel leaf ————————— 2 (teared into small pieces)
  • Dry raisins ———————— 10 (teared into small pieces)
  • Palm sugar ———————— 2 tsp (or Panamkarkandu)

How To Make

  • Place a medium size sauce pan on the stove in medium heat
  • Add the whole pepper and cumin seeds and dry roast them until it crackles
  • Add two cups of water and all the remaining things in the list
  • Bring it to boil and keep it in stove until the water reduces into half
  • Switch of the stove and filter it and drink

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