Savory Bhelpuri Masala

This is a popular Indian street food, but you can make this savory bhelpuri masala in few minutes at your home. There are a lot of ready made chutneys available in the stores, but mostly I try to make myself to avoid the preservatives. Most of the time, I will have the mint and cilantro cubes in our refrigerator, so whenever we want to eat something savory, we can make it quickly.


  • Puffed rice ——————————— 2 cups
  • Cucumber ———————————- 1 medium size (cut it into small cubes)
  • Mint and cilantro cubes ———- 3
  • Tamarind cubes ———————– 2
  • Sev ——————————————— 1/4 cup
  • Sugar —————————————– 2 tsp

How To Make

  • Dry roast the puffed rice for few minutes
  • Put the mint and tamarind cubes along with the sugar in a microwave safe bowl and microwave it for a minute (or you can also heat it using stove top in a small pan)
  • Then add this mixture into the puffed rice and mix it well
  • Now add the cucumber cubes and mix it again
  • Finally mix the sev in it and enjoy


  • Dry roasting the puffed rice is optional
  • If you dry roast, it will be more crispy
  • If you want, you can also add diced onion, diced tomato and diced cooked potatoes to it

Published by Aji

I am from south India, but currently live in Minnesota with my husband, two daughters, and pet cat. I can't wait to share my cooking recipes, knitting projects, and garden photos with all of you!

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