Pathir Peni

It is an Indian sweet. First time I read it from a magazine, in which this recipe got the first place in a cookery contest. So just out of curiosity I tried the recipe and everyone liked it. This happened about 15 years ago, then on, this is one of my favorite sweets to make and favorite to both of my daughters. This pathir peni is very crispy, flaky and mild sweet. My daughters often ask me to make it, but during Christmas season, I surely add this to my list.
It is very simple to make and in this post I am providing step by step instructions, so that you can make it easily.


  • All purpose flour (maida) ——— 1 cup
  • Water —————————————— 1/2 cup
  • Rice flour ———————————— 4 tbs
  • Ghee ——————————————– 2 tbs
  • Sugar ——————————————- 4 tbs
  • Cardamom ———————————- 4
  • Pinch of salt
  • Enough oil to fry

Preparation work

  • In a bowl pour the all purpose flour and add a pinch of salt
  • Add water little by little and mix it well to make a smooth dough (you may not have to use all the water)
  • Cover the dough with a wet cloth or with a lid for half an hour
  • Mix the rice flour and ghee to make a paste
  • Grind the sugar and cardamom into fine powder

How To Make

  • Take the dough and divide it into two or three dough balls
  • Now spread each dough ball into thin flat circle using a roller
  • Spread a layer of the rice flour and ghee paste on the circle
  • Now roll this from one end to the other end (do the same to the other circles too)
  • Cut the rolls into small pieces (about an inch long)
  • Now take each piece and spread lengthwise (little tricky here, don’t spread into circles then you will not get the layers)
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan
  • Add few pieces at a time and fry them on both sides
  • Take it out with a slotted spoon, so the excess oil will be drained
  • Then sprinkle the powdered sugar on both sides
  • Now enjoy the sweet

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