Blue Jay’s Visits In Our Garden (Video)

Blue Jay’s come to our backyard bird feeder most of the days for the last few years. This summer, something special happened! The blue jays made a nest in one of our backyard trees. We were so excited and kept watching them every day, they were making a beautiful nest on top of a small maple tree next to our sunroom. After some time, we eagerly awaited to see if the eggs hatched (we didn’t know how many eggs they had). One day I saw the head of one baby bird, then in the following days we noticed three babies in the nest . Every morning I used to sit in the sunroom and watch the blue jay family. It was so much fun to watch them!

We usually fill the bird feeders with sunflower seeds, but this time we added some peanuts for the blue jays since that is a favorite food of theirs.

After having the babies, they were very conscious of their surroundings, whenever they saw our cat Leo outside, they started making loud noises and sometimes it was enough to scare the cat straight back inside. Our cat climbs on most of our backyard trees, so for few weeks we were very careful about letting him out because we didn’t want to endanger the baby birds.

Then one fine day, all three of baby birds flew away happily; we were so happy and felt much more relaxed because we spent so many weeks afraid of the cat harming the baby birds. Then after few weeks the grown baby blue jays started coming to our bird feeders, they looked like adult birds, but didn’t have much feathers on their head.  It was really interesting to watch them grow right before our eyes!

Still in the winter they are coming and enjoying the food from the bird feeders, but now we can’t differentiate the baby and parent blue jays; they are all big, strong adults now.


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