How To Attract Yellow Birds In Backyard

American Goldfinches are regular visitors to our garden in late summers. We have a lot of sunflower plants around our garden and the yellow birds really enjoy eating the fresh seeds. The male one is bright yellow in color and the female one is in light yellow. sometimes they visit as family. The mom feeding the baby is so cute to watch, no words to describe, luckily I recorded some of them.

Mostly they come together and eat the sunflower seeds and sow some seeds too (I mean while eating some seeds fall in the ground and they grow back in the next spring). Usually there will be a lot of sunflower plants, some of them we replant in different places and some of the plants we end-up throwing away.

If anyone like the goldfinches visiting your garden, plant some sunflower plants. So, you can enjoy them too.

Here is the video

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