DIY Garden Pathway

One of my long time wishes was to put a stepping stone path in our backyard. Last summer it finally happened! There are plenty of ways that you can transform your outdoor space into an inviting backyard. Even a beginner can install a stepping stone pathway as a DIY project over a weekend or two. You can turn a small amount of yard space into a beautiful backyard.

There are a number of ways to create a stone footpath; flat stones over dirt, grass or gravel areas after using a couple inches of sand as a setting bed are some ideas. We made our path with some concrete blocks and mulch, but you can buy many different kinds of stepping stones at your local garden store. You can still have an attractive garden path while keeping costs low. Imagination and hard work make the most of inexpensive materials to bring your dreams to life. Our quick-and-dirty version of the garden with stepping stone path is only partially dug out. The rest the area is just covered with garden fabric over the grass. Then placed the concrete blocks in the desired way and covered the remaining garden fabric with mulch.

The sides of the pathway are filled with a garden of native flowers. The bees love this part of my yard! The sunflowers all came from birdfeed that the squirrels knocked over. We almost plucked them all out like weeds, but since we didn’t want to get rid of them entirely, we moved them to nicer places around the garden.

Things We Used

  • Garden fabric
  • Concrete stones
  • Mulch

What We Did

  • Removed the grass from the planting area
  • Spread the garden fabric over the remaining area
  • Setup the concrete blocks on the fabric
  • Then covered the remaining fabric with mulch

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