Our Flowers: Venice Blue Speedwell/Veronica Austriaca

Veronica austriaca, commonly known as saw-leaved speedwell is a lower growing perennial, best suited for rock garden or for edging perennial borders. This plant shows deep blue flowers in spring over bright green toothy leaves. You can give a good hard trim after the flowering season is over. Plant clumps may be easily divided in the fall or early spring.

Few years back I bought this plant from Lowes. Little story behind this plant; I saw this plant in the clearance section and it was kind of dead, but I was attracted by the picture of the flower on the label, so I bought it. Once I brought it home, I still remember, I soaked the pot in a tub with water, after a week I noticed new leaves are coming from the plant. Then I took it out and planted on the ground. It flourished like a healthy plant and now it is a beautiful plant in our garden.


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