Knitted Tea Coaster

I have been thinking about making this post for a long time and finally it happened: I am showing everyone basic knitting lesson in my native language, Tamil. This is a basic simple tea coaster for beginners to learn how to knit using continental method. It’s a great place to start because it only takes a little bit of yarn and it is only a small project, but you still get the joy of creating something useful and making something you can be proud of. Hopefully this post is a helpful introduction to knitting which is an excellent hobby and skill that you can build on all your life; the creations you can make with some needles and yarn are endless. Enjoy!

Things You Need

  • Cotton yarn
  • Knitting needle size 3.25mm
  • Scissor
  • Yarn needle or crochet needle
  • Measuring tape

The Pattern

  • Cast on 18 stiches
  • Knit until 3 inches long
  • Cast off and weave the ends

Here is the video how to knit a tea coaster

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