How To Make A Easy Scrubby

Making your own scrubby is very satisfying. Here are the instructions to knit your own scrubbies. These knitted scrubbies work amazingly! I think if you try this, you will definitely like it. I love using this scrubby so much. They are much better than the store bought ones!

Knitting this scrubby is so easy, even a beginner can make this beautiful thing. To make this scrubby, I used the Red Heart Scrubby sparkle yarn. From a single ball of yarn, you can make about 10 to 12 scrubbies. The color shown in the pictures below is ICEPOP. However, there are many color options. I bought this from Michaels craft store, and I bought the ICEPOP color because it matches with my dish soap.

Things You Need
  • One ball of Scrubby sparkle yarn
  • Knitting needle size 3.25mm
Knitting Direction
  • Cast on 25 stiches
  • Knit until 5 1/2 ” length or desired length
  • Cast off and weave the ends

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