Hummingbirds Around the Garden

This year we were lucky enough to have many hummingbirds roaming around our garden. When you go outside you can always see a hummingbird sitting in the tree or flying from one flower to another. Here is a link to my previous post on how to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

We have many bright flowers in our garden for the little birds to enjoy. Hummingbirds particularly like Zinnias, but last year one of my friends said that hummingbirds also love Cardinal flowers, so this year I planted them too. She was right, they absolutely love it! I watched them and you can see how they enjoy it.

Another flower that they love are the Fuchsia flowers. Frequently, I can see them getting the nectar from the Fuchsia flowers. That is why, I always make sure to keep that plant in our garden every year, so that I can always see them and take a lot of pictures and videos as they come to visit. Overall, however, they mostly like all the bright-colored, tube-like flowers that their beaks fit perfectly into.

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