Ten Easy Grow Annuals From Seeds

These are easy grow annuals, any beginner can grow these flowers and surely these simple growing plants will make you happy and make the gardens looks so beautiful. If you are thinking about making a flower garden, you should start with these kinds of flowers. First timers can start with few and then next time you can add more.

Every year we start these from the seeds, they bloom all summer and last until the first frost, so always there will be abundance of flowers in the garden. We usually start the seeds indoors about mid-April and start planting out side in the garden beds or pots around mid-May, we need to watch for any frost warnings until the end of May, in case of frost forecast, the plants should be covered in the night.

We always collect the seeds at the end of the season for planting in the next season, that’s good, so you need to buy the seeds only one time and then you can collect the seeds from that flowers for the next season. Here is the link to some free seeds if someone likes to grow flowers from scratch.









Annual poppy


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