First Tindora from the garden

Every summer season we start a vegetable garden and I always wish to have a tindora plant in our garden, finally after a long time, the wish came true. This year we have planted a tindora plant and the most exciting thing is, we got some tindoras too.

Getting the tindora plant was not easy for me, because we live in zone 4 and our summer starts very late, so whenever I check the sites to get the tindora cuttings, it will be sold out. This time I started early and I found a seller on etsy website, even though the price was too high, I placed the order. But unfortunately it was delivered on a freezing cold day and the cutting was frozen when I received it. I tried planting it, but it didn’t come. It was so disappointing, still was wishing for a tindora plant.

Then, in the beginning of April I saw another posting on the local facebook market place and I got another tindora cuttings from there. The cuttings were already planted in a small pot and after couple of weeks, it started to show the green tips, I was so happy. Once it started growing, we moved it to a bigger pot and kept it in our garden. It has been growing fine and I didn’t expect any produce this year, but to my surprise, it now started giving produce too, feeling so happy.


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