Making Your Own DIY Bird Baths

Here are some ideas to make DIY bird baths, we have a few bird baths around our garden and the birds love them. Some times they drink water from them or they take a bath. Except the stone bird bath, all others are made by us, this way you can easily add multiple bird baths to your garden. In markets lots of fancy bird baths available, but you can build one using the things you already have, without spending any money. I wish everyone adds bird baths to their garden to help the thirsty birds in summer. They will be looking for some water, so please add a bird bath to your garden and you will get the great joy watching them too. Below are the pictures of our bird baths and how the birds are enjoying them.

This one is a big bowl of water on an old tree stump

This one is made using a plant stand and terracotta saucer.

Again this is a plantstand and a fancy bowl of water. Also added a solar fountain in it.

This is our stone bird bath in the backyard

This is another terracotta saucer placed on an old tree stump in the front yard.

In this, we used a plant pot as stand and a small bowl of water on it, some birds will come and drink from it, our cat Leo also like to drink from it.

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