How to attract Oriole to your garden/ backyard

If you want to see orioles often in your backyard, then follow this simple tip. One-time I was talking to my friend about our backyard birds, she asked me about the orioles, I said only a few times I have seen them in our backyard. She suggested to keep a jar of grape jelly in a feeder, it sounded so simple and wanted to try it, but I didn’t have an oriole feeder at that time. So I took a hanging plant holder, placed couple of orange bowls in it and hung it out in our backyard. Filled some orange slices in one bowl and kept a small glass jar of concord grape jelly in the other bowl. Then the magic happened, the orioles started coming to eat the grape jelly and the oranges regularly, I had to refill the grape jelly jar few times in a week. Sometimes they took bath in our bird bath and hung around in the backyard. They became our daily visitors throughout the summer, I enjoyed a lot in watching them.

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