Balcony Dahlia /Mardi Gras Dahlia from Sam’s

Dahlias are one of my favorite annual plants in our garden. Every year I add some new dahlias to our garden. This year I bought a bag of Balcony dahlia (Mardi Gras mix ) from Sam’s club, the bag had eight dahlia tubers, out of that, six of them are very good tubers and two of them are ok. It is still winter in Minnesota, but I like to see early blooms, so planted all of them in pots and keeping it in our living room. Our good old pots are outside under the snow, so I bought seven pots from dollar tree and used another one from our old pots to plant these tubers and planning to keep them all in the same pots for this season. Hoping to see beautiful dahlias in the upcoming days. I totally spend $28 for this (Dahlia tubers, soil and pots). Waiting to see, how many of the tubers will make it? Are these pots good enough for the whole season? and many more questions. Hoping to see them grow well and later I will update how does it go..

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