Find Happiness in Raising Butterflies

I am so exited to share that I have been growing monarch butterflies. I am a beginner and still learning a lot. I’d never thought of growing butterflies, but this spring, one of my friends visited our house and introduced me to the idea. Whenever she visits, we always walk around our garden looking atContinue reading “Find Happiness in Raising Butterflies”

Purple And Blue Shade Flowers From Our Garden 2019

These are the purple and blue shade flowers from our garden. Most of them are perennials. One of my favorite perennial is royal candle plant, because it will bloom from late spring to fall.

Pink Shade Flowers From Our Garden 2019

I am so exited to share the pictures of the pink shade flowers from our garden from spring to fall season. I totally enjoy these flowers and hope you also like them. Two more flowers are expected to bloom up in the coming weeks. I will add them later. More color shades like purple, yellowContinue reading “Pink Shade Flowers From Our Garden 2019”


Being one of my favorite perennial flowers in our garden, it blooms from summer to fall. The flowers are a little fragrant and loved by bees and butterflies. These flowers are known to spread out over time and take over nearby spaces as it grows. So, I try to replant the excess plant in otherContinue reading “Phlox”

TPI: Spilled Flower Pot

I’ve seen this idea all over Pinterest and I finally decided to give it a try! After everything that I have seen online, I wanted to do some sort of yellow and red flower combination, but I couldn’t quite find the right flowers in those colors. I also initially wanted to have the spilled flowerContinue reading “TPI: Spilled Flower Pot”