DIY Garden Pathway

One of my long time wishes was to put a stepping stone path in our backyard. Last summer it finally happened! There are plenty of ways that you can transform your outdoor space into an inviting backyard.¬†Even a beginner can install a stepping stone pathway as a DIY project over a weekend or two. YouContinue reading “DIY Garden Pathway”

2020 Garden Flowers Part 3 (video)

Here are the pictures taken from September and October; in this season, the sweet autumn clematis is in full bloom and the whole area becomes a great spot for photoshoot. Asters, zinnias and sunflowers make the garden so colorful. Here is a picture of one of my daughters posing in front of autumn clematis wearingContinue reading “2020 Garden Flowers Part 3 (video)”

2020 Garden Flowers Part 2 (video)

Here are the pictures taken from June to July. This is the best flowering time in our garden. Mainly the hydrangea, liatris and phlox bloom in full, so the garden look so beautiful and colorful during this time. I enjoyed taking all these pictures. Hope you will also enjoy! The part one is here.

2020 Garden Flowers Part 1(Video)

Everyone like flowers; I especially love taking pictures from bud to bloom. We have lots of perennial plants and they bloom at different times throughout the season. Some bloom in April and some will be blooming in September. So throughout the summer, I take lots of pictures of my garden and it gives me aContinue reading “2020 Garden Flowers Part 1(Video)”

Our Rose Garden 2020 (Video)

Here is our rose garden! The pictures were taken from the end of May to July. Roses always bring me great joy. I enjoy taking lots of pictures in front of them. Some of the roses will bloom until Fall. So far we are really enjoying the roses, even though the Japanese beetles have beenContinue reading “Our Rose Garden 2020 (Video)”

Spilled Flower Pot (How To Make Your Own)

Spilled flower pots are a great addition to any kind of garden. In our garden the spilled flower pot is one of my favorite. Every year we change the spot a little bit and choose a different color of flowers. So it will be new for every year. For flowers, my favorite choice is petunia,Continue reading “Spilled Flower Pot (How To Make Your Own)”

Brighten Your Day With Some Flowers

Staying at home in these quarantine times has honestly been kind of boring. Today was a pretty gloomy day outside, so I started looking through some pictures from last year. I found these pictures taken from our garden and my mind felt so much better looking at these beautiful flowers. I thought of sharing theseContinue reading “Brighten Your Day With Some Flowers”

Indoor Plants

In today’s blog post, I wanted to show you my collection of indoor plants. I love gardening but, since I live in Minnesota, that is only possible for about four months out of the year. The rest of the time, I dedicate to growing my indoor plants. I will often spend the winter months rearrangingContinue reading “Indoor Plants”