This is a very popular sweet snack in Kerala. Amma used to make it often at home, usually she makes it using freshly ground rice flour, but this recipe is using whole wheat flour. They taste differently, but both are really good. I will share the rice flour recipe another time. Ingredients Whole wheat flourContinue reading “Unniyappam”


Idli is the most popular south Indian breakfast. It is considered as a healthy food for all ages. It is steam cooked, easily digestible and very nutritious. You can see this on the breakfast menu of almost all the restaurants in southern India. There will be many small idli stalls on the streets in theContinue reading “Idli”

Kuzhi Paniyaaram

This is a well known dish in southern India. Most people make this on special occasions, as it is a great party food. Some people make this dish as an evening snack too. In our home we usually make it along with idly or dosa. All the three breakfast dishes (idly, dosa, and kuzhi paniyaraam)Continue reading “Kuzhi Paniyaaram”

Green Gram (Pasi Paruppu) Curry

This is another curry learned from my mom. She used to make this often at home and when relatives or friends visit us without informing, this is one of the dishes she makes quickly to serve with rice. Also she gets a lot of complements from the guests about this curry. It is very simpleContinue reading “Green Gram (Pasi Paruppu) Curry”