New Brown Cabled Hat

Knitting is always a pleasure to me. I have been knitting every since I came to America. I totally enjoy every aspect of my knitting projects; learning new stitches, finding new patterns, choosing the yarn colors, etc.
Our cat gives me company every time I pick up the needle and yarn; he loves watching the needle movements and playing with the yarn. I think the hardest part of cable patterns is keeping careful count, which is definitely harder with a cat pawing at your work!
This is my first time working with this particular pattern, I am very excited about the beautiful result!

This cable hat is a beautiful hat pattern I received as gift from one of my friends at my Crafternoon knitting group. This pattern is available for purchase from the website below.

Here are few pictures of the making of the hat.

While the hat is drying, after wet blocking, our cat is guarding it.

Below is a short video of out cat playing with the yarn and needle while making the hat.

The hat turned out well and I am wearing it in the picture below.


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