Ginger And Garlic Paste

It is one of the most used pastes in my daily cooking. I generally make the ginger & garlic paste in large quantity and store it as cubes in the freezer. While cooking, you can just add this into the dish and it will save a lot of time.


  • Ginger ————————– 3 big piece
  • Garlic ————————— 5

How to make

  • Peel the skin from the ginger and garlic
  • Chop the ginger into medium size pieces (for easy grinding)
  • Grind the ginger and garlic using a chopper or mixer
  • Fill the paste into an ice tray (filling one table spoon per cube will make the measurement easy while cooking)
  • Keep the tray into the freezer
  • Once it freezes, take it out and store the cubes in a freezer safe bag

Published by Aji

I am from south India, but currently live in Minnesota with my husband, two daughters, and pet cat. I can't wait to share my cooking recipes, knitting projects, and garden photos with all of you!

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