How Do I Store The Grated Coconut?

While growing up in India, I never thought or heard about freezing the grated coconut, we always use the fresh ones. When we came to the US, the first time we bought the frozen grated coconut, I didn’t like that as it was thick and sticky. Next time I bought the fresh coconut and grated it. Then I tried storing the left over in the freezer and it became like the store bought frozen coconut- but better. Then I tried different ways and finally found this easy way of storing it.

We usually get our fresh coconut from our nearby Indian grocery store. We have a coconut grater, which is available in the Indian or Chinese grocery stores here. Also you can use a chopper for grating, but the texture of the grated coconut will be different. I like the traditional way of grating coconut using a grater. Here I described the way I store the grated coconut in the freezer.

  • Loosely fill the grated coconut into a wide freezer safe box (do not fill fully, leave little space on the top)
  • Close the lid and keep it in the freezer
  • After couple of hours take it out and stir it well using a fork, keep it back in the freezer
  • After another 2 hours, take the box and shake it well and store it in the freezer
  • This way the grated coconut won’t stick together
  • I can use a spoon to take the required quantity easily when needed


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