Indoor Plants

In today’s blog post, I wanted to show you my collection of indoor plants. I love gardening but, since I live in Minnesota, that is only possible for about four months out of the year. The rest of the time, I dedicate to growing my indoor plants. I will often spend the winter months rearranging the plants in different pots throughout my home. The maintenance of them is pretty easy; my plants only require watering when the soil is dry to touch and the occasionally trimming of faded leaves.

I love having all the greenery inside my house; it never fails to make me happy and energetic. Some of the plants in our house are more than 10 years old. During the long winter months my indoor plants give me lots of happiness and bring a lot of beauty to my house; the morning sun shining through the leaves is absolutely beautiful! I have more than 60 plants in our house. Sometimes I feel like they are like little children flourishing around my home.

Every year I will try to find new plants to keep building up my indoor plant collection. I have some tropical plants like tamarind, mango, and jackfruit. I am aware of they won’t give any fruits in Minnesota’s frigid weather but growing them gives me lots of pleasure. I grew up with plants surrounding me and now they remind me of a lot of good memories from back home. I like to call them my tropical ornamental plants. I also have a separate collection of orchids plants I will post about later.

Our cat, Leo, also enjoys our plants,. Sometimes he sits inside the larger pots and searches for bugs, but for most of the winter months he sits inside the pot of my curry plant, which is level with the windowsill, and watches cars passing outside.


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