Sapota Smoothie

Sapota smoothie is a delicious drink, with just two ingredients. It is the favorite smoothie for one of my daughters, so most of the times we will have frozen sapota in our refrigerator. I always like to eat the fresh ones, but we rarely get them in Minnesota, so we buy the frozen Sapota from the Indian grocery store. Whenever I buy this frozen ones, I remember the huge sapota tree near our home in India. Around the year there will be fruits in the tree and most of them are eaten by squirrels and birds, but it’s so much fun to watch them. When we visited last time, I had a chance to eat a lot. Surely I miss all those fruits here. Well, let’s see how to make this smoothie.


  • Sapota slices ———————————– around 15 pieces
  • Almond milk or any milk ————– 1 cup

How to make

  • Add the sapota slices and milk to the mixer/blender
  • Blend it smooth and enjoy the drink

Pictures of our hometown sapota

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