Our Backyard in Spring

After a long winter, I always eagerly wait for the spring to come. Both the neighbor’s and our yards fill with spring flowers; it’s really a feast for the eyes. The apple and pear trees also started to bloom and it is always exciting to see how many of those blossoms are going to become apples and pears. The nice aroma of lilac flowers and the morning sun light gives the best energy to start a new day.

When you step out in the morning, you can enjoy the beautiful orchestra from the chirping sounds of the birds. Sometimes a cute duck couple visit our yard and take a little nap. Also you can see the robin birds searching for the earthworms. So fun to watch all these. Below are some pictures and a video with the chirping sound of the birds from our backyard in the morning (use a headphone to listen to the birds).


  1. What a gorgeous backyard! I actually studied college in Minnesota….what a coincidence! Small world!


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