Our Backyard Squirrels 2020 (Videos)

I always watch these squirrels from our kitchen window. It gives me lots of pleasure and I never get bored! I highly recommend you to watch the videos, it’ll brighten your whole day and immediately make you feel light.
This year we bought two new bird feeders for our backyard, but the squirrels are the ones enjoying most of the food from the feeders. There are four squirrels running around the backyard, but it’s mostly just two of them that climb the poles and eat the bird food. One of the squirrels has a torn ear, so we call it “SplitEar” squirrel. He is the bravest squirrel in our backyard. Watch how fast he eats! You have to see it. On one side of the bird feeder I keep some raw peanuts, especially for the bluejays, but SplitEar steals them all (I have attached the video of that too). Sometimes the squirrels drink water from the small bird bath. Watching all these small things gives me a lot of happiness and I hope it will bring some joy to you too!


Eating peanuts

Stand up position

How fast I can eat

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