Cable Head Warmer

This week, my eldest daughter asked me to make her a warm head band for the winter time. I started searching online for cable head warmer or head band patterns. I found this pattern that I liked, so I decided to make it for her. She asked for the headband in a dark grey color, and after searching through my stash of yarn, I found some bulky “Lamb’s Pride” yarn. The color is “M-06 Deep Charcoal” which is a very, very dark grey. I was a little unsure on using it because it is 85% wool and 15% mohair, which I knew would be kind of itchy and uncomfortable. I ended up finding a thin layer of soft fleece, and with that as a lining, I knew it would work perfectly. I followed the pattern to create the band, and then stitched in the inner fleece lining before closing the two ends. I think it turned out great – my daughter loves it!

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