Indoor Plants 2021

I have been thinking to post about my indoor plants for a long time. This year I have a lot more plants than last year. I love having all this greenery inside the house; it never fails to make me happy and energetic. Some of the plants in our house are more than 10 years old. During the long winter months, my indoor plants give me a lot of happiness and make the house beautiful; the morning sun shining through the leaves is absolutely beautiful! Sometimes I feel like they are like little children flourishing around my home.

Taking care of indoor plants during the Minnesota winter
  • Don’t over water the plants
  • Keep a big bowl of water near the plants (this will help to maintain the humidity, as the heater will be running most of the time)
  • Monthly twice give some fertilizer (I use miracle grow)
  • Often check the plant leaves for insects or any infections and treat them sooner

Some Of The Plants

Our cat, Leo, also enjoys our plants. Sometimes he sits inside the larger pots and searches for bugs, but for most of the winter months, he sits inside the curry plant pot, which is in level with the windowsill and watches the cars passing outside.

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